5 things to know about working as a lawyer in Abu Dhabi

Are you a foreigner and planning to join a law firm in Abu Dhabi? Well, good decision. Living and working in Abu Dhabi as a lawyer has its own perks and positive aspects but it also requires having a sound knowledge about the UAE laws and regulations.

As a well-established city, Abu Dhabi is a great place to start your career as it offers versatile career options to all the individuals. Even people who plan to invest and set up their businesses here, the place is equally challenging and flexible to everyone.

People also look for business set up in UAE to know more about its business sector.

However, every place has its own differences and set of professional guidelines that have to be followed and Abu Dhabi is one of those places that offer a fruitful yet a daring experience.

That’s why we have come up with 5 things to know about taking up law as a career in Abu Dhabi to help you plan out your career as a lawyer in the best way. See them here.

  1. The UAE Laws

This is the first difference you’ll observe if you want to work as a lawyer in Abu Dhabi as the UAE laws are quite different than other countries. Abu Dhabi is especially particular about its laws since all the judgments require detailed knowledge about each and every case as they are dealt with differently and the past judgments are only used as a basic guide for reference purposes.

  1. Dress Code

There is a proper dress code that is applicable to all the individuals especially women. Not following the proper dress code in shopping malls or public places is punishable under the UAE laws depending on the city.

  1. Foreign Law Firms

Abu Dhabi has the best international law firms which are good for the potential lawyers as they can easily get some exposure in these firms and gain experience in one of the most professional environments.

  1. Size of the Law Firms

The size of the law firms is relatively small in Abu Dhabi as compared to other law firms in other countries. Since these law firms are small they can only accommodate 100-120 lawyers and not more than that. This is actually beneficial for beginners because they can easily practice certain UAE laws in a more dynamic environment.

  1. Legislation and Policies

The legislation and policies require multiple legal skills which are also good for foreigners who are planning to join a law firm in Abu Dhabi since they’ll be able to develop more legal skills quickly and effectively.