How to Become a Tax Agent?

Taxes are the income which is generated for the country by the people and for the people, in the beginning, it will be hard to notice that how it is benefitting the people themselves but when you have access to good hospitals, cheap schools and smooth and safe roads to travel then you will know that paying for these taxes have just made your life better. There are businesses who pay taxes and there are people doing normal jobs who pay taxes in the shape of purchasing and even when paying for their mobile data or paying for a small bar of chocolate.

But businesses have to pay huge amount of taxes in the shape of paying huge electricity bills, buying machinery and even when buying insurances for their employees. For every such payments and procedures there are tax agents who know where to give the right amount and how to manage such big responsibilities. Being a tax agent is a big responsibility because you will be the middle person between a tax payer and the government as well. Both the parties who pay the tax are important because they will be paying from the profits and the government need these finances to run the country as well.

So, even if a small amount of money is misplaced, there can be chaos and at the end of the day the tax agent has to pay from his/her pocket. But if you are person who is good at counting money and managing huge amounts then you can become a tax agent. We will make sure to keep it short and simple in explaining how you can become one. You must complete your degree as an auditor or an accountant and register yourself with the Tax Practitioners Board. It has a small fee and some exams which you have to clear.

There you can be the voting member of the recognized agent’s association and that will help you in the long run in becoming a government employee as well. There will be different semi-government companies which will hire you to prepare tax documentation for them. If you are business person and looking for the best tax agents then you can contact different tax agents in Abu Dhabi and they are also registered with Adnoc ICV programs as well.